Bimbo Chic (electro)

by DJ Ed Lee Featuring Samantha Star

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DJ Ed Lee: London Based Ed Lee's sound is Heterogenous, Balearic, distinctive, eclectic and unique. Ed’s production has seen his tracks hit Beatport to Juno top 10 charts, having his tracks played from a diverse field from all areas of electronic music. An obsessed music fan at heart, Ed’s Dj sets have seen him play all corners of the globe, from the deserts of Burning Man to clubs worldwide from Space in ibiza to Green fields of Glade in the UK, the high-rise buildings of Hong Kong, New York the city that never sleeps.

Samantha Star: Lives in the Oceania region, currently in Melbourne Australia. Her ethereal vocals, distinctly feminine sound & pop culture infused lyric, compliment Ed's production style.
Suggesting a possible genre for their project of "Retro Electro"
Samantha describes herself as a multi genre and multi dimensional artist. A trained yoga teacher and wellness therapist,
She has turned her skills to uplifting celtic trance and mantras with her musical partner producer "Inner Sync"
As well as to traditional folk and classical,
right through to experimental rock.
Samantha has performed with many artists and creative projects, including live stage shows and cinema (Such as with The Eternal choir, Tannishka The Moon Woman, Daniel Tobias, Wendy Rule, Orryelle defenestrate-bascule, Loka Nunda and Nina Hagen, Ash Suntribe, Ben Skepper, Mekegah and Caiseal Mor... just to name a few) She has toured around the world from Australia's Rainbow Serpent festival, The St kilda Festival and The Byron Bay festival,
to New Zealand's Parihaka Peace festival, Prana festival and Sound splash eco festival,
U.K's The Big Green Gathering,
and New York City, U.S.A's Coney island Mermaid Parade,
to Sacred Services at the Bahai Lotus temple on the tropical island of Samoa...

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Twitter: Samantha Star@SamStarMusic


released May 13, 2016

Vocals, lyrics & melody by Samantha Star
Orchestration & production by DJ Ed Lee



all rights reserved


SamanthaStar Melbourne, Australia

Samantha Star
Mermaid Music

Melbourne Australia


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Track Name: Bimbo Chic
Bimbo chic
plastic fantastic
so drastic

your mine by design
I want you all the time
I am number one
so come join the fun

Bimbo Chic
Kisses too sweet
from your pretty head
to your pretty feet

so weak so strong so wrong
Bimbo chic
plastic fantastic
so drastic

Your body is a strict technology
made from a naughty biology
you are made for me
Bimbo Chic
your kiss is too sweet

so weak so strong so wrong
so dum so come for the fun
Bimbo Chic

plastic fantastic
so drastic

(c) 2016
Track Name: Heart breaker
phoney love maker

From the start
I knew it was gonna be hard
to keep hold of you
and all the crazy things you do

People said
it wasn't worth getting mixed up with you
and your phoney love affairs
but I didn't listen i just wanted to be with you

Your a heartbreaker a phoney love maker

I didn't believe
I didn't wanna know
I just wanted to love
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I didn't want to believe
your a heartbreaker
A phoney love maker

Don't knock on my door
I don't wanna know nothing more
heartbreaker phoney love maker
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I just didn't want to believe

Your nothing more Don't knock on my door
Phoney love maker

(c) 2016
Track Name: Electric blue
I wanna be everything to you
I wanna be your girl for everything you do
I wanna be your dream come true
electric blue
Strange thats me
weird thats you
I wanna be everything to you
I wanna be your girl for everything you do
I am free
so are you
electric blue

You wanna be as weird as me
I wanna be as strange as you
electric blue
this city is home i don't wanna be alone
I wanna be everything to you
I wanna be your girl for everything you do
I wanna be your dream come true

electric blue
electric blue
oh yeah
(c) 2016
Track Name: E.S.P (electric star people)
electric star people
in a perfect world
you'd be famous too
just for being fabulous you

He fell to earth
showed us all how to play
and how to be a hero for just one day

Now the dogs of fame
rip each other to shreds
but Ziggy lives on
its celebrity thats dead

Can you read my mind
got a new design
its time to shine
as we travel thru space and time
they say great minds
don't just fade away

Track Name: Human (sensuality)

You turned me on
so turn up the sound
now were alone
even in a crowd

I know it all means nothing
were all made of stars
together on the highway
in our separate cars

touch me feel me
human sensuality

I saw your profile
we laughed out loud
you sent me music
from the clouds

I know it all means nothing
everyones alone
my deepest relationship
is with my Iphone

touch me
feel me
human sensuality

another drink
close my eaves
to the real world
tell me lies

I'm only one person
can't change the world
your just one boy
I'm only one girl

touch me feel me
human sensuality