Cuan mòr (Sea shanties & murder ballads)

by Samantha Star Mermaid Music

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cuan mòr means ocean in Scottish Gaelic.
(Which is in part Samantha's ancestry, alongside her Irish and British heritage also)
Mermaid music is Top ten on the reverbnation NATIONAL charts (celtic/Aust)

Kindred spirit's and faerytale folk,
I invite you to join us, as we explore the enchantment and ethereal celtic magic that is mermaid music ... Please share this with your friends?, Blessings and Thank you


released July 14, 2014

Mermaid Music.



all rights reserved


SamanthaStar Melbourne, Australia

Samantha Star
Mermaid Music

Melbourne Australia


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Track Name: a kiss to take to sea (sea shanty)
"Give me a laughing, parting kiss,
That I afar may be blest in the thought
you gave me this
to cheer me , lass, at sea.

To tropic calms, ill take this kiss
in storms, my thought will be, My dreams shall still be sweet with this, this kiss I take to sea.
Smile will you miss your Ned and think of me?
when shall I not feel this kiss?
This kiss I take to Sea...." Traditional UK sea songs
Track Name: the mermaid
An accapella faery-tale.
la dida la di da....
The Mermaid swam to the sea shore
and in the shallows longed for more
splashing under the moon beams
she told the Goddess of her dreams
Magical life-force show me the way
allow my dreams to grow everyday
open my being to all i can be
she of the sea longed to be free...
la la la di de da ...
The mermaid danced on the sea shore
sandy footprints hinted of more
dancing under the moon beams her vibrant beauty entered men's dreams
carry my longing far away
Goddess to you this i pray
bring me my true love on this day
in honor of you we will play
she of the sea longed for her he.
lala di da la di da oh the Goddess and her mystery two plus magic equal three... la la di da de da...
The mermaid loved him he was sure and he adored her to his very core' But there was a sadness in her song
their child in her arms she would weep hard and long
Goddess i love him but i miss the sea
swimming and splashing and dancing so free
his loves so dry and his hearts so warm
i need to dive deeply into the wild ocean storms...she of the sea longed to be la di da di da...
he told her he'd love her for all of eternity
she wept if you love me then set me free
their child was so pure open and wise
with a wet kiss of freedom they said no di da la di da...the wheel turns as the soul learns di da la di da...ohhh...
the child of the mermaid lived by the sea shore
a good man and wise he knew there was more
singing his joys under the moon beams
The Goddess has blessed him and he lives out his dreams...He of the sea truly is di da la di da ohhhhh....